Paula Cadle graduated from Rocky Mountain School of Art in Denver, Colorado. She joined Fletcher-Keating Graphics and worked in advertising and commercial art in the early 1970's. Fletcher-Keating was a progressive young agency that handled Fey Line Production concerts in the Denver area, which gave her the opportunity to do full-color poster ads for many contemporary entertainers such as John Denver, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and The 5th Dimension.

Paula has lived throughout the southwest from Oklahoma City to Hobbs to Arlington, Texas. She worked free-lance commercial art and fine arts while continuing studies in clay work at the local colleges. She complemented her free-lance work by participating in juried art shows such as the Oklahoma Museum of Art Artist Salon Exhibit, the Amarillo Art Center Jubilee of Arts, Laguna Gloria in Austin, and the Arlington 200.

Her media includes clay as well as pen and ink. Paula prefers to focus on hand-built pottery, but she does graphic design too. She describes her work as follows:

"My clay work is hand-built with coils and slabs rather than being shaped on a potter's wheel. I use white earthenware clay and sometimes stoneware clay for the larger pieces. My clay designs are extensions of my love for drawing. I paint original designs on the clay using bright colors. Some under-glaze colors are applied two or three times and then fired. A clear or colored glaze is sprayed or brushed on for a second firing. Some of my pieces have over-glazes in silver or gold and are fired a third time. I love colors and use them quite liberally. Sometimes I add weavings or other ornamentation for a unique appearance. My joy is in making the clay artwork and decorating it. Once finished, it is time to let go and move on to a new design or idea."

Paula is a member of the Texas Pottery & Sculpture Guild (TPSG) in Fort Worth, Texas.