Clay Art

Paula hand builds and hand paints each piece so no two are exaxtly alike. Each piece undergoes a transformation that takes it from a hunk of clay into its final shape. This is not a quick process and each piece takes weeks to build, paint, and fire. Paula's inventory changes so quickly that it is extremely difficult to show each indiviudal piece that is available. Instead, we have links to all of Paula's Clay Art designs. For quicker loading, the clay art is divided into separate categories. Find the type of art you like and then follow the "Design" link to look at a few pieces Paula has already created. As always, Paula is willing to create a new piece with your specific design.

Pictures can distort the dimensions of a piece, so sizes are given. These sizes are a general approximation. Each piece might be slightly larger or slightly smaller.

Shallow bowls| Deep bowls| Lipped bowls| Small piggybanks| Large piggybanks/canisters| Canisters| Teapots| Pitchers| Birdhouses|

New Designs!

Welcome to the newest link to Paula's website. This link showcases Paula's most recent work, so stop by often to see what she has created.

New clay art designs

Shallow Bowls

The shallow bowls come in two sizes. The small bowls are 1.5" inches deep and 9" inches across while the large bowls are 2" inches deep and 11.5" inches across.

Designs for shallow bowls

Deep Bowls

The smaller bowls are 2" inches deep and 7" inches across, while the larger bowls are 2.5" inches deep and 9" inches across.

Designs for deep bowls

Lipped Bowls

Paula's lipped bowls are a favorite at the Empty Bowls benefit at the Fort Worth Bass Performance hall. The bowl measures 3" inches tall and 7" inches wide while the inside is 2.5" inches deep and 5" inches wide.

Designs for lipped bowls

Small Piggybanks

Small piggy banks are extremely popular. Currently, Paula makes six different types of small piggy banks: dogs, cats, chickens, fish, horses, and pigs. The small banks are 7.5" inches tall, 7" inches long and 4.5" inches wide.

Designs for small piggybanks

Large Piggybanks/Animal Canisters

The larger animals measure 12" inches tall, 11" inches long, and 8" inches wide. The large chicken is a piggy bank while the large dog is a canister. Paula also makes large cats and pigs as well.

Designs for large piggybanks/canisters


The canisters are perfect for holding cookies or even biscuts for a favorite dog. The small canisters are 10" inches tall and 6" inches wide. The large canisters are 11" inches tall and 7" inches wide.

Designs for canisters


Paula's teapots are functional as well as decorative. They are 7" inches tall and 6" inches wide. Her teapots hold approximately 4 cups of water.

Designs for teapots


Paula's pitchers are as functional as her teapots. They are 12" inches tall and 6.5" inches wide.

Designs for pitchers


You will never find a birdhouses quite like these! They are 15" inches tall (12" inches to the top of the roof) with a 5"X5" inch wide base.

Designs for birdhouses

Watercolors and Pen and Ink

You must contact Paula about sizes for her watercolors and pen and ink drawings.

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